Start A Blog

Running a blog is a great way to start making money online. There are so many people who make enough money blogging that they are able to quit their full-time jobs and begin blogging full-time.

Blogging for money isn’t easy, but if you’re looking for an option to have freedom and generate an income, a blog is a great option. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start your own blog!

#1. Identify what you want to blog about.

You don’t necessarily have to have a niche, but if you have a natural passion for a certain area, identifying this as your blog topic will help you in the long run. People follow personal finance blogs because they want to learn about… personal finance. They follow food blogs because they’re interested in… recipes. If you have no clue, start a list of things you think you’d be interested in writing about for two months and go from there.

#2. Research a name.

The .com of your blog name isn’t all you’re looking for. Check out the different social media handles and see what’s available. For example, there’s a really popular finance blog called Making Sense of Cents. It wouldn’t be wise to start a blog about your candle making company called “Making Cents of Scents.” Once you have your name, google it. Are the social media handles with that name taken? This step can sometimes be the hardest part of it all!

#3. Buy your domain and hosting.

If you want to be serious about making money with your blog, it’s essential that you have a self-hosted blog. There are free blogging platforms, but you’ll eventually run into limits. Save yourself the time in the future and invest in your blog from the beginning. Making money from your blog requires you to see it as a business, and you’d never expect to be able to start a business for free. We recommend A2 Hosting.

#4. Build the appearance of your blog.

You’ll want to give your blog a personality that people will be able to identify the moment they land on your blog. You can choose to invest in a custom theme, or you can search sites like Creative Market and Etsy for WordPress Themes and other customization options. Look through a bunch of blogs you like and get a feel for what clicks with you, and go from there. Take the time to invest in this step, because you don’t want your blog’s “look” to change too often, especially when you’re starting out.

#5. Start blogging!

Even before your blog goes live, it’s a good idea to create a library of posts so that when you start getting visitors, they have a better idea of what your blog is about and will know if they want to stay or not.